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Why does Soda Freeze?

Solids are slow,
liquids they flow…
liquids they freeze
when their molecules go slow.

All molecules, including water molecules (even those in a glassful of still water) are constantly moving. Heat makes them move faster, cooling slows them down. When water gets cool enough, molecular movement is slowed enough that the molecules stick to each other and they line up in a nice crystal pattern and the water becomes solid at 32 Fahrenheit.

Soda will freeze in this same way; however, at a lower temperature due to the addition of salts and sugars. Sugars and salts lower the freezing point of liquids. This means that the temperature must get lower than the normal freezing point of water before sodas will freeze. Colas freeze at a slightly lower temperature, about 30 degrees. The pressure in an unopened bottle or can causes the freezing point to be even lower. All diet beverages typically freeze prior to their sugar-laden counterparts. Diet products freeze at a temperature similar to water, 32 degrees.